Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Back! Some Thoughts and a Quick Update

It's been a long time since I've posted anything on this blog, which is partially due to me being busy but mostly because of me being lazy. Anyways, I've had a few thoughts going on through my head recently that I wanted to lay down. Here we go.

Whenever I tell someone about Crossfit, the question "what is that?" always arises. I then proceed to explain what Crossfit is and how it focuses on functional fitness as opposed to aesthetics. I explain how it incorporates movements from a wide variety of sources, such as gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, rowing, etc. I tell them about what a difference it's made on my life, how it's made me fitter, as well as how challenging it can be.

If people ever reach this point and can go on listening to me rave, I know they're interested. They start asking more questions and try to figure it all out. They start questioning modern fitness practices such as bicep curls, "steady cardio", and tricep extensions. Note that people never actually make it this far, they usually run once I mention intensity.

Finally, I decide to show them a Crossfit video demo. I figured seeing such videos would show people what they're capable of, despite what the health care professionals say. The response:

"That's dangerous! Big weights are scary!"

Here's my real beef with the modern fitness industry. Apparently, heavy things are the most dangerous thing in the world, so dangerous that they should be avoided at the cost of your health. People were MADE to be strong. Sure, the need to lift heavy doesn't really have a place in modern mechanized society. But that doesn't make it any less important.

And the "safety" issue. Pure shit. If you want to lift, you get a coach, learn the movements, and move up as you become more advanced. Strength is a skill that requires learning. Walking into a gym and attempting to half-squat 500 pounds is just idiotic (I fucking hate half squaters). Soccer is the most dangerous sport in the world (seriously, look it up), yet people don't seem to have a problem with little kids doing it. Why such caution when it comes to weights?

This frustrates me almost more than anything, and I've never really found a way to convey this to other people. Well, I was watching Mark Rippetoe interview Dan John (arguably two of the best strength coaches in the world) the other day online when Dan John put what I was thinking perfectly:

"Nothing worth doing is completely safe"

Now let's pause for a moment. I don't doubt the importance of safety, and there's definitely a certain albeit small risk factor when it comes to the gym. Fine. But the gains from lifting heavy are so great, there really isn't a reason why ANYBODY shouldn't be doing it. Childbirth is the most dangerous thing in the world, yet the rewards are great so people keep doing it. But no, everything has to be "safe." Don't climb the monkey bars in the playground, don't stand on top of your chair, and don't even think about picking up a barbell. This is why kids no longer play outside and play video games all day instead. It's not "safe". Just a quick note to all the "safe" people out there, type II diabetes isn't exactly safe either.

I could go on about this forever. People don't want to be strong anymore. They'd rather sit at their desk all day. Now I'm not the strongest guy in the world, I'm far from it, but at least I'm trying. So here's what I'm getting at:

Lift Big. Get Strong. And Stop Sucking as a Man (or Woman). Girls can lift heavy weights too
, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Some Goals: Get Strong (I'm currently super weak, this I admit)
  • Deadlift: 300 lbs
  • Back Squat: 240 lbs
Some Links:

Dan John and Mark Rippetoe!

A Good Movie

Some Numbers:

Current Backsquat: 190
Current Deadlift: 220
Current Press: 105

I've got a long way to go before I'll even consider myself strong.

Monday, September 20, 2010

One Post: Two WODS

Saturday Invasion WOD: Team Relay

1. Row 1000
2. 30 Wall Balls - 20 pounds
3. 50 Squats
1. 40 sit-ups
2. 50 sit-ups
3. 50 Double Unders
1. 30 Box Jumps - 24"
2. 400 m run
3. 400 m run
1. 50 thrusters, 45 lb
2. 30 pushups
3. 20 pull ups
1. 12 pull ups
2. 30 pull ups
3. 21 KB swings

Each team consists of 3 members and are assigned a number from one to three. People numbered 1 are responsible for the movements labeled one above, people labeled two are responsible for the movements labeled two, and so on. I was a number two in my team. We were called Team Chuck Norris.



Strength (Front Squat): 3-3-3-2 (fail)-3
Load (kilograms): 50-60-70-75-72

WOD: 10 rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts
15 Push ups

Time: 19:02

I started the deadlifts at 60 kg. By round 4 or 5 my back was starting to round too much so I scaled it back to 50 kg. By round 8 or 9 I scaled down even more to some lighter weight I don't remember. My back is dead.

Also, Fight Gone Bad is this Saturday. Please do donate:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More WODs!

Warm Up: basic stretches and usual movements + 1 round of Tabata Intervals alternating between ball slams (14 lbs) and sit ups.

Strength: Low Bar Back Squat
Repetitions: 5-5-5-5-3 (supposed to be five but failed after three)
Load (kg): 50-55-65-75-80

WOD: 4 rounds for time of
12 KB Snatches, 6 on each side. (did 20 kg first two rounds then scaled down to 16 kg last two rounds. Rx'd is 24 kg)
12 toes to bar
12 burpees

Time: 12:55

Some notes:
Toes to bar are ridiculously difficult.
Need to work on snatch technique
Blazed through the burpees.

I've been busy, I promise there will be a real post soon.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another WOD

My classes have started so I'm definitely going be busier and posting less on the blog. But I promise I still will. Here is a quick WOD update:

Standing Press: 5-5-5-5-5
Load: 25-30-35-40-40

I had failed the fifth rep on the fourth set, but managed to get the same load on the next try. Coach said I could've gone heavier, next time I will.

WOD: AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) in ten minutes of:

10 Front Squats (40 kg, Rx'd is 60)
10 Box Jumps (26 inches, Rx'd is 30)
10 Pull Ups

Rounds: Four.

There were no squat racks, so barbells had to be cleaned from the ground for front squats. Boo.

My WOD Station.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


2x5 @ 20 kg
1x5 @ 40 kg
1x3 @ 60 kg
1x2 @ 75 kg
3x5 @ 80 kg

WOD: Ten Minute Cindy

As many rounds as possible in ten minutes of:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Rounds: Lost count. At least 7.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Choices Bad Choices

A quick update on my life: I've officially moved into my dorm and begun the college life. I won't have access to a kitchen anymore (unless I drop by my sister's) so my posts on cooking will probably go down. I've still got some meals in the bank though, with pictures conveniently saved on my camera phone. Also, classes start tomorrow.

It's been a while since I last posted anything. Perhaps it's from the guilt. You see, I've been bad. Now that I can't cook and have to eat at the dining hall, I know that my nutrition will be less than ideal. But that doesn't mean I can't promise myself to make better choices. Well at least that was the plan. I am still in the awkward freshman phase, and maybe it's my yearning for social acceptance that has compromised my eating. I didn't want to be the guy who refused to buy ice cream when we were all out on some excursion. Nor did I want to be the guy who was on the crazy low-carb caveman diet. I've been eating all kinds of junk (particularly cookies, why are they so delicious?) and haven't even been taking my fish oil!

That's not to say I haven't made any good meal choices. Here are some pictures.


Good Choice (Meat Loaf, Carrots, and Salad with Feta Cheese)


Bad Choice (Clam Chowder in Bread Bowl, Terriyaki Chicken with Rice, and Lasagna. No I did not eat this on my own)


Good Choice (Seasoned Tilapia, Fresh Salad, and Hong Shao Pork)


Really Bad Choice (Junk)

I can't say I don't enjoy eating junk food, I don't think I'm ever happier. It just happens to make me feel like shit after.

Not only has my nutrition been poor but I've also been lazy. The plan was to Crossfit at least three times a week as well as try to be active on the other days depending on how tired/sore I was. Ends up I only Crossfitted once this week earlier today. The freshmen fifteen is in the very near future.

Crossfit Session:
  1. Dynamic Warmup
  2. Sumo Deadlift High Pull Technique Overview
  3. 1 Round Tabata of SDHP at 30 kg.
  4. Push Jerk 5x5 (see below for loads)
  5. WOD (see below)
Push Jerk: 5-5-5-5-5
Load (kg): 20-30-35-40-50

WOD: 5 rounds for time of
5 Deadlifts (70 kg, Rx'd is 125)
10 burpees

Time: 5:15

Sunday, August 29, 2010


One of my favorite things about Crossfit Fenway is their weekly invasion WOD. Every Saturday, Crossfit Fenway hosts a WOD in public which members can attend. Being new to Boston, I find this a great way to get to know my new home. I finally found some free time and managed to go yesterday, my first invasion WOD.

WOD: AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 15 minutes of:
10 push ups
Run through the fountain
10 squats

Rounds: Lost count. At least 17.

What does running through the fountain mean? Well, it means running... through a fountain. Literally. There was a water fountain located at where we were working out and the coach thought it'd be a good idea to include it in our little AMRAP. Here's a picture:


I didn't manage to get a good picture of the fountain, the water was just getting started! The topless guy is also a member of CF Fenway.


All wet after completing the WOD. Great way to travel the T. Also a good way of getting weird looks in the elevator.